Wedding Ceremony + Reception: Merriman’s Kapalua, Maui
Hair and Makeup: Liz Javelosa of Maui Makeup Artistry
Wedding Videographer: Corbin of Chi Films Hawaii

Merriman's_Wedding 1Merriman's_Wedding 2Merriman's_Wedding 3Merriman's_Wedding 4Merriman's_Wedding 5Merriman's_Wedding 6Merriman's_Wedding 7Merriman's_Wedding 8Merriman's_Wedding 9Merriman's_Wedding 10Merriman's_Wedding 11Merriman's_Wedding 12Merriman's_Wedding 13Merriman's_Wedding 14Merriman's_Wedding 15Merriman's_Wedding 16Merriman's_Wedding 17Merriman's_Wedding 18


Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Andaz Maui
Wedding Coordinator & Designer: Belle Destination Weddings & Events
Florals: Bella Bloom
DJ: Scott Doran of Maui DJ Services
Wedding Makeup and Hair: Jessica Waite Make-up Artistry

Andaz_Maui_Wedding 1Andaz_Maui_Wedding 2Andaz_Maui_Wedding 3Andaz_Maui_Wedding 4Andaz_Maui_Wedding 5Andaz_Maui_Wedding 6Andaz_Maui_Wedding 7Andaz_Maui_Wedding 8Andaz_Maui_Wedding 9Andaz_Maui_Wedding 10Andaz_Maui_Wedding 11Andaz_Maui_Wedding 12Andaz_Maui_Wedding 13Andaz_Maui_Wedding 14Andaz_Maui_Wedding 15Andaz_Maui_Wedding 16Andaz_Maui_Wedding 17Andaz_Maui_Wedding 18Andaz_Maui_Wedding 19Andaz_Maui_Wedding 20Andaz_Maui_Wedding 21Andaz_Maui_Wedding 22Andaz_Maui_Wedding 23Andaz_Maui_Wedding 24Andaz_Maui_Wedding 25Andaz_Maui_Wedding 26Andaz_Maui_Wedding 27Andaz_Maui_Wedding 28


Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Four Seasons Lanai, Hawaii
Wedding Coordinator: Hector Rubio of the Four Seasons Lanai
Photographers: Jessica and Anna
Officiant: Mike Lopez
Florals: Lois of Lois Hiranaga Floral Design
Videographer: Todd of Hawaii Video Mememories

Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 1Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 2Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 3Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 4Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 5Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 6Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 7Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 8Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 9Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 10Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 11Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 12Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 13Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 14Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 15Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 16Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 17Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 18Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 19Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 20Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 21Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 22Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 23Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 24Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 25Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 26Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 27Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 28Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 29Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 30Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 31Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 32Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 33Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 34Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 35Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 36Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 37Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 38Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 39Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 40Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 41Lanai Wedding Four Seasons 42


Wedding location: Makena Cove
Wedding Coordinator: Kara Byrne of Your Aloha Weddings
Wedding Officiant: Pastor Laki Kaahumanu
Bridal bouquet: Lois Hiranaga Floral Design

Makena_Cove_Wedding 1Makena_Cove_Wedding 2Makena_Cove_Wedding 3Makena_Cove_Wedding 4Makena_Cove_Wedding 5Makena_Cove_Wedding 6Makena_Cove_Wedding 7Makena_Cove_Wedding 8Makena_Cove_Wedding 9Makena_Cove_Wedding 10Makena_Cove_Wedding 11Makena_Cove_Wedding 12Makena_Cove_Wedding 13


Clarence was inspired by Chris + Quyen’s Haleakala surprise proposal that we photographed last year.
Here is lovely proposal to Laura who was overjoyed.
Photographers: Jessica and Anna

Haleakala_Engagement 1Haleakala_Engagement 2Haleakala_Engagement 3Haleakala_Engagement 5Haleakala_Engagement 4Haleakala_Engagement 6Haleakala_Engagement 7Haleakala_Engagement 8Haleakala_Engagement 9Haleakala_Engagement 10Haleakala_Engagement 11Haleakala_Engagement 12Haleakala_Engagement 13Haleakala_Engagement 14Haleakala_Engagement 15Haleakala_Engagement 16Haleakala_Engagement 17


Wedding Ceremony: St. Theresa Church, Kihei Maui
Wedding Reception: Sugar Beach Villa
Caterer: Chef Lee of Sugar Beach Events
Wedding Florals: County Bouquets Maui
Photographers: Anna, Jessica and Alyssa of Anna Kim Photography
Hair & Makeup: Adiel of Salon 253
Musician: Marvin Tevaga
Hawaiian Entertainment: Manutea Nui E
DJ: DJ Dan Maui

Sugar_Beach_Wedding 1Sugar_Beach_Wedding 2Sugar_Beach_Wedding 3Sugar_Beach_Wedding 4Sugar_Beach_Wedding 5Sugar_Beach_Wedding 6Sugar_Beach_Wedding 7Sugar_Beach_Wedding 8Sugar_Beach_Wedding 9Sugar_Beach_Wedding 10Sugar_Beach_Wedding 11Sugar_Beach_Wedding 12Sugar_Beach_Wedding 13Sugar_Beach_Wedding 14Sugar_Beach_Wedding 15Sugar_Beach_Wedding 16Sugar_Beach_Wedding 17Sugar_Beach_Wedding 18Sugar_Beach_Wedding 19Sugar_Beach_Wedding 20Sugar_Beach_Wedding 21Sugar_Beach_Wedding 22Sugar_Beach_Wedding 23Sugar_Beach_Wedding 24


Paia_Engagement 1Paia_Engagement 2Paia_Engagement 3Paia_Engagement 4Paia_Engagement 5Paia_Engagement 6


Wedding Ceremony + Reception: Olowalu Plantation House
Wedding Coordinator: Bernie of White Orchid Wedding
Hair & Makeup: Liz Javelosa of Maui Makeup Artistry
Florals: Terrie Fukushima of Fukushima Flowers
Wedding Cinematographer: Supreme Video Productions
Photobooth: Strike A Pose Maui
Shave ice: Ululani Shave Ice

Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 1Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 2Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 3Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 4Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 5Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 6Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 7Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 8Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 9Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 10Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 11Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 12Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 13Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 14Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 15Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 16Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 17Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 18Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 19Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 20Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 21Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 22Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 23Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 24Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 25Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 26Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 27Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 28Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 29Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 30Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 31Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 32Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 33Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 34Olowalu_Maui_Wedding 35


A little snapshot from Jacqueline and Ranzel’s North Shore Maui engagement session.



“Marriage should be between a spouse and a spouse, not a gender and a gender.”
~ Hendrik Hertzberg


Photographed during sunset at the Four Seasons Resort Maui.