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Hair + Makeup Artist + Shoe Designer: Ry-n of Ry-n Shimabuku-Makeup Artist
Wedding Gown: Koa of Kojo Couture
Model: Moana
Photographers: Anna and Jessica of Anna Kim Photography
Florals: Darren and Shane of Bliss Flower Design
Videography: Yukio, Ryota of Driftwood Films and Chelsie Machado
Cake: Danae of
Written by: Nicole Brooke Rosen

The word opulence barely scratches the surface when reminiscing about the stylized wedding photo shoot at the gorgeous Lona Ridge Estate. The beautiful estate sits regally among the lush mountains above Wailuku Heights. With its pristine grounds and astonishing bi-coastal view of Maui, Lona Ridge is a unique and stunning wedding venue and a gift to the Maui wedding community.

Lona Ridge inspired the insanely talented designer, Koa of Kojo Couture, so much so that he flew to New York City to bring back equally majestic material for his couture creation. Ry-n Shimabuku not only matched Koa’s excellence with his killer hair and makeup expertise, but he also was the mastermind behind the intricately detailed shoes as well.

Working with so much creative talent is such an inspiring process-the energy is both dazzling and infectious. Everyone involved in this day put their heart, soul, and passion for innovation and beauty into the event. The Bliss Boys were no exception. Darren and Shane of Bliss Flower Design (and Bliss Wedding Design) brought their floral prowess to the photo shoot. The bouquet showcased both spectrums of female energy–natural wildness and delicate gentleness. The Bliss Boys coaxed cream and blush peonies, orchids, and roses up the antique sign post along with rich greenery and curly willow. The chandelier (courtesy of Pacific Aisle Rentals) and chaise lounge they brought added another element of luxuriousness to an already impressive compilation of glamor and grace.

During the photo shoot, Koa played a song the lyrics to which the camera had no trouble adhering to— “better recognize opulence.” Opulence, and so much more, was recognized, documented, and is here for visual enjoyment.

Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 1Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 2Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 3Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 4Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 5Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 6Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 7Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 8Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 9Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 10Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 11Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 12Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 13Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 14Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 15Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 16Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 17Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 18Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 19Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 20Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 21Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 22Lona_Ridge_Maui_Wedding 23


Wedding Ceremony + Brunch: White Orchid Beach House
Wedding Coordinator: Kendall Higashino of White Orchid Wedding
Florals: Dellables
Officiant: Reverend Valentino Rosete
Wedding Caterer: Catering From Soup to Nuts
Written by: Nicole Brooke Rosen

Looking back on the photographs of Susan and Jordie’s Maui wedding, I am struck with a deeper understanding about the heart of a long-lasting love. After all, this couple has spent the last twelve years developing their relationship and yet still manage to have that new-love sparkle in their eyes when they look at one another. A love like that is worth exploring.

Island inspiration blended with an organic, rustic flair at the talented and creative hands of Kendall Higashino of White Orchid Wedding. The wedding was beautiful and intimate, with the bride and groom as the only two there. Susan wore a long-sleeved, lace, A-line wedding dress that gently flowed just past her knees. She walked arm in arm with her stylish groom who donned a sleek, gray, three-piece suit. A cluster of King Protea served as a simple and stunning bouquet, echoing the majesty of the protea table decor and succulent surrounded cake topper situated regally on the naked wedding cake.

There was no fluff, no excess, just two people embodying the pure and steady heartbeat of a lasting love. Susan and Jordie showed me that what keeps a relationship’s heart pulsating is simple and pure. Treasure that romantic spark. Foster that new-love adoration. Allow that long-time friendship to course through and serve as the heartbeat’s metronome. Live simply and simply love.

Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 1Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 2Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 3Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 4Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 5Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 6Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 7Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 8Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 9Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 10Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 11Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 12Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 13Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 14Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 15Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 16Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 17Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 18Maui_White_Orchid_Wedding 19


Brittany and Brandon always pictured themselves having a wedding in the forest. They fell in love with the rainbow eucalyptus forest on Maui. It was the perfect setting for their sweet wedding with family being the only guests.
Maui Officiant and musican: Ernest Puaa
Wedding hair + makeup: Jessica Waite Make-up Artistry
Wedding bouquet: Dellables

Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 1Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 2Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 3Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 4Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 5Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 6Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 7Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 8Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 9Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 10Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 11Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 12Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 13Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 14Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 15Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 16Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 17Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 18Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 19Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 20Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 21Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 22Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 23Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 24Rainbow_Eucalyptus_Maui_Wedding 25


We snuck away before sunset to take photos of Jennifer and her husband and her daughter followed. Here is a sweet moment the two of them shared…
Olowalu Planation House



Maui_Family_Photography 9Maui_Family_Photography 2Maui_Family_Photography 3Maui_Family_Photography 4Maui_Family_Photography 5Maui_Family_Photography 6Maui_Family_Photography 7Maui_Family_Photography 1Maui_Family_Photography 8Maui_Family_Photography 10


Wedding Venue: Haiku Mill
Wedding Coordinator: Lindsay Miller of Haiku Mill
Second Photographer: Jessica of Anna Kim Photography
Hair + Makeup: Maui Makeup Artistry
Music: David Wolf
Band: Erin Smith and the Throwdowns
Catering: Maui Executive Catering
Bar: Garnish Events
Florals: Mandy Grace Designs
Wedding Cake: Cake Fanatics Maui
Entertainment: Manutea Nui E

Haik_Mill_Wedding 2236Haik_Mill_Wedding 2211Haik_Mill_Wedding 2212Haik_Mill_Wedding 2213Haik_Mill_Wedding 2214Haik_Mill_Wedding 2215Haik_Mill_Wedding 2216Haik_Mill_Wedding 2217Haik_Mill_Wedding 2218Haik_Mill_Wedding 2219Haik_Mill_Wedding 2220Haik_Mill_Wedding 2221Haik_Mill_Wedding 2222Haik_Mill_Wedding 2223Haik_Mill_Wedding 2224Haik_Mill_Wedding 2225Haik_Mill_Wedding 2226Haik_Mill_Wedding 2227Haik_Mill_Wedding 2228Haik_Mill_Wedding 2229Haik_Mill_Wedding 2230Haik_Mill_Wedding 2231Haik_Mill_Wedding 2232Haik_Mill_Wedding 2233Haik_Mill_Wedding 2234Haik_Mill_Wedding 2235Haik_Mill_Wedding 2237Haik_Mill_Wedding 2238Haik_Mill_Wedding 2239Haik_Mill_Wedding 2240


Maui_Family_Photographer 2183Maui_Family_Photographer 2184Maui_Family_Photographer 2185Maui_Family_Photographer 2186Maui_Family_Photographer 2187Maui_Family_Photographer 2188Maui_Family_Photographer 2189Maui_Family_Photographer 2190Maui_Family_Photographer 2191


Hair, make-up and styling by the talented Jessica Waite Makeup Artistry.

Maui_Photography_Paia 2201Maui_Photography_Paia 2202Maui_Photography_Paia 2203Maui_Photography_Paia 2204Maui_Photography_Paia 2205Maui_Photography_Paia 2206Maui_Photography_Paia 2207Maui_Photography_Paia 2208Maui_Photography_Paia 2209Maui_Photography_Paia 2210